Sustainability Consulting

Through a range of Sustainability Consulting services, we help our clients develop sustainability strategies that deliver results to the bottom line.

  Sustainability Strategies


Sempre Avanti Consulting has developed an intensive 2 day seminar designed to assist you with developing and implementing a sustainability strategy within your organisation.


Key learning objectives: -

  Define what sustainability means for your organisation
  Develop a sustainability vision and mission statement for your organisation
  Develop a sustainability strategy to implement this vision in your organisation
  Audit your organisations environmental footprint
  Ensure social responsibility in your organisation

Developing & Implementing a Sustainability Strategy in Your Organisation is a must attend seminar for all organisations who want to ensure that their organisation is environmentally sustainable.

Over two days combining practical exercises, theory and case studies, learn how to measure your organisations environmental impact, develop a strategy to ensure the sustainable organisation, and communicate your actions to stakeholders, customers, suppliers and the community at large.


  Business Owners
  Sustainability Managers and Advisors
  Procurement Managers
  General Managers
  Communications Managers
  Environmental Managers
  Managers responsible for Climate Change and Emissions
  Anyone with an interest in enhancing the sustainability of their organisation

Please contact Sustainability Consulting specialist Gordon Shaw on email: or on mobile 64 21 249 3681 if you would like to discuss holding an in-house version of this master class within your organisation.

  GHG Emissions Inventory


A new emissions inventory measurement system has arrived!

  Measuring and managing your company’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions is an evolving requirement for progressive businesses.
  Sempre Avanti Consulting is delighted to offer an exciting and accessible 'green consulting' solution for GHG emissions measurement and reduction planning.
  Sempre Avanti Consulting is able to offer the CarbonCounted emission management system:
     CarbonConnect, to assist clients with measuring company and product carbon footprints, and identify opportunities for reduction.
  Sempre Avanti Consulting has become a CarbonCounted certified auditor and consultant.

What is CarbonConnect?

CarbonConnect is a web-based, audited carbon footprint and carbon labelling network for businesses to: -

  Determine, manage and report direct carbon footprints (GHG inventory accounting).
  Produce carbon labels for products or services. 
  Directly link carbon footprints with suppliers and customers.

If you are considering undertaking a GHG emissions inventory, measuring your carbon footprint or are looking for an alternative to current certification systems then please contact one of our sustainability consultants.

For more information on CarbonCounted and CarbonConnect please call sustainability consulting specialist Gordon Shaw on 64 21 2493681 or email SAC at

  Carbon Accounting


Sempre Avanti Consulting has undertaken research that demystifies the issue of carbon neutrality, measurement of your environmental foot print and how to make the first steps in managing your emissions foot print.

We have management consultants experienced in climate change, environmental sustainability, transport, corporate sustainability and supply chain logistics.

What this means for you or your organisation is that Sempre Avanti Consulting can assist you to navigate the path to analysing your carbon and GHG emissions foot print, measuring your current foot print and to provide workable strategies than can reduce emissions and save you money.


The start of any journey to carbon neutrality starts with the measurement and accounting of your GHG emissions. This is achieved by producing a GHG emissions inventory. You will then have a base for your GHG reporting needs.

When it comes to reducing your emissions foot print you need to understand the 4M mantra!

  Market (promotion)

Sempre Avanti Consulting can assist you with the measurement of your GHG emissions. The first stage is the development of your organisational boundaries and your GHG emissions inventory.

Sempre Avanti’s team are highly experienced in sustainability consulting and  can provide you with no nonsense advice and assist you with easy steps to develop your inventory.

Sempre Avanti Consulting is a certified auditor/consultant with "CarbonConnect" from CarbonCounted.

CarbonConnect is a web-based, third-party audited carbon footprint and carbon labeling network for businesses to: -

  Determine, manage and report direct carbon footprints (GHG inventory accounting).
  Work independently and/or with an environmental consulting firm accredited by CarbonCounted.
  Produce carbon labels for products or services.
  Directly link carbon footprints with suppliers and customers to form real time supply chain emission values.

Sempre Avanti Consulting can also assist you with the production of a GHG emissions management report once you have measured your baseline GHG emissions.

Gordon Shaw from Sempre Avanti Consulting has attended the carboNZero approved advisor training and can assist you to become audit ready for carboNZero accreditation.

For more information on Sempre Avanti Consulting GHG Inventory Consulting please contact Gordon Shaw on 64 21 249 3681 or on email: